What you can see in Sydney, Australia?

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Sydney, elegantly framing the beautiful harbor and at the same time allowing to admire the view of more than 100 secluded beaches, is undoubtedly the most photogenic city in Australia, with bustling markets, picturesque coast and world-class museums. In this article you will learn what to do, where to swim, eat and drink, and how to fall in love with Sydney.

Enjoy harbor view

Despite the fact that climbing the most famous landmark of Sydney Harbor Bridge is incredibly popular, the views from the bridge will hardly impress you. While South Pylon Lookout is a place with a rich history and offers to admire the amazing view from the observation deck, located at an altitude of 83 meters above sea level. Admission is $ 15 (£ 9). South Pylon Lookout is open daily from 10:00 to 17:00.

Explore the Blue Mountains

To take a break from the big city, go on a trip to the Blue Mountains, which got their name because of the blue haze caused by the evaporation of eucalyptus trees. This wildlife wonder is only 90 minutes by train from Sydney. It is impossible not to visit the famous Three Sisters rock formation and walking routes around the observation deck with scenic views of the Echo Point Lookout.

Catch the wave

The golden sand and crystal clear waters crashing against the stones of Bondi Beach attract over 2.6 million visitors annually. A great idea is to take a surfboard and go for a swim in company with Let’s Go Surfing, the only licensed surfing school on Bondi Beach. Group and private lessons here will cost you from $ 95 (£ 55). The school is open from 9:00 to 17:00 every day, and on Sundays the work schedule may vary.

Take a walk on the rocks

Founded by the first Sunni settlers of Sydney, The Rocks still retains the historical charm of its cobbled streets, original sand buildings and handicraft markets. It will be interesting to visit The Rocks Discovery Museum (entrance is free) or to join the daily free walking tour. You can also stroll along the waterfront and watch street performers entertain crowds of guests in the shadow of the Harbor Bridge.

Fast forward to China

The Chinese city of Sydney, Guangdong, once gave him a luxurious gift – a walled Chinese garden, which is the abode of peace as opposed to the boiling Darling Harbor. Here you can admire exotic plants, wander along secluded paths and listen to serene waterfalls, squinting from the bright highlights on the water created by the scorching sun. After drinking a cup of aromatic tea in a traditional Chinese tea room, you can explore the delicious Darling Harbor. $ 6 (£ 3.50). Open daily from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm

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