Info you need to know before going to Australia

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Free maps of the city and information about interesting routes, excursions, festivals and upcoming cultural events can be obtained at the Melbourne Visitor Center. The tourist center has long been located on Federation Square (therefore, it will be there in many photographs and in old guidebooks), but from August 20, 2018 it has been located in the building of the town hall of Melbourne Town Hall (90-130 Swanston St).

The central areas in Australian cities are called City Center, The City, and most often CBD – the Central Business District (and not the more downtown we are used to).

The national currency of Australia, the Australian dollar (AUD), is denoted by the same $ symbol (more rarely, A $) as the American one. Do not forget about it if you plan to book tickets and tours on Australian sites. The Australian dollar is about $ 0.75.

In order not to bathe with roaming and connection, buy a local operator Telstra card for 30 AUD (2.5GB + 5GB bonus) and immediately install the application to keep track of expenses.

In Australia, a different type of outlets. So you need to get an adapter before you can recharge after the flight. Theoretically, the adapter will be in the hotel.

The movement is left-sided, so look carefully around, especially in the early days. You will be very surprised cars that go “not from there.”

In Melbourne, a lot of free, including entry to botanical gardens, galleries, museums. You can work, sit on the Internet or charge the equipment in public libraries. Admission is free, you do not need any money or documents. And there are free public toilets everywhere (clean and with everything you need).

Almost every attraction in Australia has its own tourist information center (Visitor Center) and a souvenir shop (and sometimes even its own museum). There you can take free cards and postcards or buy original souvenirs that are not available elsewhere.

Any tickets and excursions can be booked online. This will save from standing in line. But consider that online tickets may be more expensive (just read carefully what is written on the site).

In the supermarket at the checkout you can withdraw cash from your card (if you make a purchase).

In restaurants, bars, pubs and cafes almost never bring the bill, you have to go and pay yourself. And in the pub you pay for the order immediately. Tips in Australia are not accepted.

Melbourne is proud of their coffee (justified), but they will not understand you if you try to order American or espresso. These drinks here are called long black and short black.

Do not be surprised if, instead of thank you, they will say “taa”, which, in fact, means “thank you”.

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