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Great nature!

This is a consequence of the temperate climate and the reverent attitude of the Australian state to its conservation and protection.

Forest fires occur in dry seasons – they are always ready for this, it is a state disaster, for which huge technical and financial resources are allocated from the budget. The district kansel (head) may simply prohibit the construction of a house on a site where a perennial tree grows! Either build around a tree, or don’t build at all! If someone notices that you have caught some animal, or cut down a tree, you will be in court the next day! For fishing, for example, you need to buy a license for one fishing rod for $ 74 per year (the price may vary slightly)!

Parrots and possums have not been afraid of anyone for a long time and without hesitation climb right on the balconies in search of food.

If you drive from the coast to the continental part of the country (3-4 hours on an SUV), you can just see the places “where the white person never stepped.”

Yes, farmers shoot thousands of kangaroos, but according to the permissible quotas, since the latter have no natural enemies in nature and are so bred that they began to devour the crops and cause irreparable harm to agriculture as a whole.

In Australia – it doesn’t stink! Why? Because this is a consequence of the same State policy and culture of the main population of the country .. Everywhere they clean and sweep! There is a trash can for every 100 meters. Equipped parking lots with signposts, wash basins, barbecue facilities, and the same garbage cans are built in any forest. Even in heavy rain, you will not find dirty cars on Australian streets. In cities, lawns are mowed every week; flowers are planted wherever possible.

You can find out simply at Australian international airports – the one who sits on the floor waiting for a flight – that’s what they are! No, they’re sitting on the floor not because there aren’t enough chairs, it’s just the norm — walking barefoot along city streets, lounging in a business suit on the grass of a public park during the lunch break, sitting on the curb and taking a rest. It’s just clean everywhere, it’s hard to get dirty!

Another example: if construction is going on in the city, then people stand out who immediately brush the asphalt behind each truck leaving the construction site!

Everywhere a huge number of public toilets and none of them stink! It’s still possible to get a job as a cleaner (cleaner), but here it’s just unreal! In terms of salaries and social benefits, the category of these people follows “ministers and astronauts.” Colossal finances are spinning in the trash and public cleaning industries, access to which is very limited. This is a very lucrative business!

Yes, there are, of course, bad, often drunk people who write on the street. Yes, there are, of course, young non-humans (who have just immigrated to Australia) who paint various rubbish on the walls of houses and seats in the subway … There is! But they are trying to fight this.

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